Semantic Data Web Lecture at SlideWiki.org

LOD2 partner AKSW’s Ali Khalili, Darya Tarasowa and Sören Auer were working in the last months on the collaborative educational content authoring platform SlideWiki.org. SlideWiki allows to create richly structured presentations comprising slides, self-test questionnaires, illustrations etc. SlideWiki features include in particular:

  • WYSIWYG slide authoring
  • Logical slide and deck representation
  • LaTeX/MathML integration
  • Multilingual decks / semi-automatic translation in 50+ languages
  • PowerPoint/HTML import
  • Source code highlighting within slides
  • Dynamic CSS themability and transitions
  • Social networking activities
  • Full revisioning and branching of slides and decks
  • E-Learning with self-assessment questionnaires

Together with our colleagues at AKSW we now started to create a comprehensive lecture series on the Semantic Data Web. We almost completed the first lectures on RDF and RDF-Schema and aim to complete the whole series by May. We are also working on translating this to different languages (e.g. Russian, Persian, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, German, Greek. Please feel invited to contribute to these and other lectures.

With SlideWiki, we hope to make educational material (on Semantic Web technologies and in general) much more interactive, multilingual and accessible. More information about SlideWiki can be found:

There are also lecture series on Semantic Web Services and Intelligent Systems in preparation – please let us know if you have ideas for further content.

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