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Semantic Web Company

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Semantic Web Company (SWC), based in Vienna, is an SME, which offers consulting services in the fields of semantic web technologies, knowledge management systems and social software since 2005. Besides being one of the first European suppliers of consulting services in semantic web technologies and related topics, SWC is the founder of the I-SEMANTICS conference series, one of Europe's largest industry outreach events in the field of semantic systems and knowledge management, which will take place for the 6th time in 2010. The mission of SWC is to narrow the gap between industry and academia R&D in semantic systems and to accelerate the time to market process of semantic web-technologies. By providing practice-oriented knowledge transfer SWC help companies and public organizations to integrate and apply semantic technologies for various purposes such as data integration, resource management and knowledge management. SWC communicates benefits and risks of semantic applications in corporate environments to developers and decision makers and serves organizations from the life sciences, insurance, energy and the media. SWC has built a special media focus over the last years specializing in business development aspects through semantic (web) technologies. SWC acts as a hub of a wide network of industry partners (software industry, end-user organizations), other Networks (Know Center Graz, Salzburg Research, Austrian Computer Society, W3C, PWM - Platform for Knowledge Management) and academic and research partners throughout Europe.


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