Activity Clusters

Activity Clusters

The work packages of LOD2 fall into five activity clusters.

LOD2 Activity Cluster

A1 - Fundamental and integration activities

Fundamental and integration activities will form the ground work which provides the necessary infrastructure and integration methodology. In particular, these types of activities serve the following purposes:

  1. the efficient and uniform use of existing and complementary technology, and,

A2 - Component activities

Within this cluster of activities we will develop the technologies necessary to deliver the LOD2 promise – creating an integrated infrastructure for semantic information integration on the Web. In this context, three core challenges need to be addressed:

  1. ensure the knowledge stores scale…

A3 - Use case activities

The effective deployment of the LOD2 Stack will be demonstrated within case studies driven by project members representing LOD2 end-user communities and describing real world application scenarios. The use of case studies is twofold. Firstly, they are used to extract requirements, which guide the c…

A4 - Maximizing real-world impact activities

A4 - Maximizing real-world impact activities contain specific measures related to the exploitation and dissemination of project results. While user-centric activities represent the customer perspective, this activity takes concrete steps towards successful exploitation from the point of view of the…

A5 - Management activities

A5 - Management activities will ensure that LOD2 runs smoothly in a coherent and cohesive fashion and that all contractual obligations are met.

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