LOD2 Milestones

M1.1 – Completed requirements specification and system design

This milestone will show that the requirements for the three LOD2 use cases have been gathered. From these requirements, relevant standards and state-of-the-art analysis a comprehensive system design specifying and describing the LOD2 Stack will be obtained. The LOD2 Stack design lays the foundatio…

M1.2 – Early LOD2 Stack prototype

This milestone results in a first revision of the LOD2 Stack, which will build the basis for the iterative refinement and functionality additions throughout the project. The prototype implementation of the LOD2 Stack will also serve as an early evaluation and assessment environment for its applicat…

M4.1 – Initial Framework Version

At this stage, the focus will be on state-of-the-art and high- level methodologies, as well as illustrative examples based on paradigmatic scenarios.

M4.2 – Intermediate Framework Version

At this stage, the methodologies will be refined for specific organizational scenarios, and the tools will be scaled to real-world requirements.

M4.3 – Final Framework Version

Final Framework Version (M36). In the final stage, the focus will be on evaluation of the WP outcomes and consolidation of the feedback from the use cases.

M5.1 – Spatial Browsing

This milestone will comprise an initial implementation of a browsing component for the LOD2 Stack.

M5.2 – Spatial Authoring

This milestone refines and scales the browsing component and adds comprehensive authoring features.

M5.3 – Support for mobile devices and social networks

With this milestone the LOD2 user interface is feature complete and includes support for scalable spatial-semantic browsing on the largest data sets as well as mobile and social networking interaction scenarios.

LOD2 Webinars