WP5 – Adaptive Linked Data Visualization, Browsing and Authoring

WP5 – Adaptive Linked Data Visualization, Browsing and Authoring

The objectives of WP5 are to develop new browsing, visualization and authoring interfaces for LOD, which support a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop PCs), which integrate heterogeneous information from various sources and support the evolution of both instance data as well as information structures over time. In order to achieve these objectives we will explore new browsing and visualization paradigms.

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LOD2 Vienna Plenary Meeting 21 – 23 March 2012

Mar 23, 2012 12:45:53 PM | Martin Kaltenboeck

From 21 to 23 March 2012 the bi-annual plenary meeting of the LOD2 project took place with about 35 participants from all 14 partners of the LOD2 consortium – this time in Vienna, Austria hosted by the local LOD2 partner Semantic Web Company. In the course of this 3 days meeting the following activities took … Continue reading ...

First release of the LOD2 Stack

Oct 3, 2011 1:33:57 PM | Lambda Verdonckt

The LOD2 consortium is happy to announce the first release of the LOD2 stack available at: http://stack.lod2.eu. The LOD2 stack is an integrated distribution of aligned tools which support the life-cycle of Linked Data from extraction, authoring/creation over enrichment, interlinking, fusing to visualization and maintenance. The stack comprises new and substantially extended existing tools from … Continue reading ...