WP9 – Use Case 3: LOD2 for Citizen – PublicData.eu

WP9 – Use Case 3: LOD2 for Citizen – PublicData.eu

The purpose of this PublicData.eu use case is to increase public access to high-value, machine-readable data sets generated by the European, national as well as regional governments and public administrations. Although this effort will be similar to developments in other parts of the world, for the case of Europe it will be more challenging due to the larger organizational and linguistic diversity and thus represent an ideal application scenario for Linked Data technologies.

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Added value of linking data (Polish economy data)

18-03-2013 14:34:57 | KrzysztofWecel

Recently I2G has been working on publishing Polish economy data in a paradigm of linked data. One of the datasets concerns import and export of Poland (INSIGOS HZ/GEO). The geographical dimension lists 210 countries. Standardization of this vocabulary was also part of the publication effort, and it consisted of linking to DBpedia, and assigning two- … Continue reading ...

Upgrade brings new-look publicdata.eu

11-02-2013 17:24:56 | Mark Wainwright

There has been a major upgrade to publicdata.eu (shown below), a cross-European data portal which collects records together in one place from data catalogues throughout the EU. The site is run by the Open Knowledge Foundation as part of the LOD2 project. It is based on CKAN, the OKF’s open-source data portal software, used to … Continue reading ...

Publishing World Bank Linked Data

22-08-2012 19:52:17 | SoerenAuer

The World Bank is an international development organization that provides access to a comprehensive set of data about countries around the globe. The publicly available statistical data is collected from officially-recognized international sources, and consists of a wide array of observations. The World Bank Linked Dataspace was created by Sarven Capadisli at LOD2 partner Linked Data … Continue reading ...